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Bachelor of Themed Environment Design


In 2014 Chairman Lee, the creator of our Academy, identified a worldwide need for graduates to get a head-start in this fast-paced Information Age of the 21st Century by being educated as Practical Academics, supporting us to put a team together to write the Bachelor of Themed Environment Design.



Our Bachelor of Themed Environment Design is a 4 year degree written not solely by academics but by working practitioners. Seasoned designers who, between us, have over 200 years of practical experience in conceiving, designing and delivering themed environments to clients and their visitors across the entire spectrum of the global industry.


This is a Project Based/Inquiry Learning program where students are introduced to Themed Environments, as an Immersive world. Our students are taught how to develop conceptual thinking and practical problem-solving design outcomes by exposure to real world projects via our working Design Studio.


We encourage lateral thinkers who will eventually be self-directed in their learning. Practice with effective research and team collaboration skills means they become motivated, highly creative and aware of the most recent international innovations. Our aim is for them to easily work within a wide range of fields in both Interior and Exterior Themed Environments.


The degree originated in collaboration with the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts where Kim and Tina have a Professorship, and now we also teach it at the Wuhan Institute of Design Sciences.


The course is proudly delivered by talented, carefully selected, teaching teams of Chinese and Internationals trained in the design professions of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Spatial Design and Film.